miidio Space is a place for sharing your recordings.

The origins of miidio Space is from comments of miidio Recorder. Many of people ask for a way to share their recording to Facebook.  

To response this request. miidio Space is made for miidio Recorder. You can use miidio Recorder, above 2.0, to upload your recording to miidio Space. miidio Space provides an unique URL of your recording. You may share this URL with Facebook, Google+, email, or other ways.

The URL created by miidio Space is tagged with Facebook semantic meta-tags. So, the information is auto-filled while you share this URL to Facebook.

miidio Space is a supporting service for miidio Recorder. All recordings on Space are record and shared from miidio Recorder. miidio Space is authenticated with your Facebook account. You have to give miidio Recorder the Facebook authentication token while uploading or voting any recording. Once uploaded, miidio Space generates an unique page for your recording. You may share this URL to your friends through Facebook, Google+, Email, Skype, etc.

Finally, to keep miidio Space healthy, please DO NOT upload any illegal content and we will remove all of them as soon as possible. If your intellectual property is violated by others, please let us know and we will do our best to help you to find them.