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Anti-Piracy Policy

miidio Space is a place for sharing your recording instead of illegal audio piracy.  

For Recording Sharing: 

All of recording has one of the following symptom will be removed and user may be suspended forever after multiple  abuse reporting:

  1. Illegal content
  2. Invasions of personal privacy or violations of the right of publicity
  3. Content that interferes with the functioning of any services of other parties
  4. Promotions of hate or incitement of violence
  5. Violations of intellectual property rights, including patent, copyright (see DMCA policy), trademark, trade secret, or other proprietary right of any party
  6. Any material not suitable for persons under 18
  7. Pornography, obscenity, nudity, or sexual activity

All recordings are uploaded with your Facebook account which is linked with your email.

For Abuse Reporter:

If you feel specific recordings violates your intellectual property rights, please email rec@miidio.com with the following information:
  1. Who you are:
  2. Where you are:
  3. Which URLs(recordings) violate your right:(one URL in one line)
  4. Contact Info:
  5. Do you want to expose your contact info to author:(Yes or No)
  6. A scanned document with your right statement (a formal statement from your organization with formal signature of your organization)

After receiving this email, we will reply suspend the URL in this email as soon as possible.