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Public or Private

There are two type of shared audio: public and private:

In My Audio page, you may find there are two tabs: Public Audio and Private Audio (Note: the focused one has the white as its background.)

Public Audio means this audio page is accessible for everyone who has this URL. In the case above, the file ID is a15444k6 which URL is http://space.miidio.com/audio/a15444k6.php and the audio file is http://space.miidio.com/mp3/a15444k6.mp3. All public audio will not be listed at any place in space.miidio.com. If you want google or other search find this page, you have to link this URL at other pages or services.

Private Audio means this audio page is only accessible from your account. It is valid only if your Facebook has logged in and authenticated with miidio pages. Once you logged in, you can read the private page, like the below screenshot. In this page, you may find the "Private Audio" marker at the file name. If others have the url of private audio page, they cannot see them or listen them. It has the same policy with audio file.

Note that, the private audios also consume your quota. It is good for some temporary audios or for backing up. If you feel audios useless, it is suggested to delete them to have quotas freed by them.